Multimedia - Amplifier and Projector


The hall has a huge projector screen that winds down from above the stage. A key is needed to lower and raise the screen and is attached to a bell and is located in the drawer of the amplifier, which itself is in a cupboard under the stage. Also in this drawer is the projector remote control.


Using the amplifier for music and/or either of the microphones

Download the Amplifier manual - PDF


Download the Radio Microphone manual - PDF


YouTube video for setting up Mics

The amplifier in the cupboard under the stage
Screen keys, projector remote and radio mic in the drawer
Turn on the mains power using the switch inside the cupboard on the left, RED CIRCLE
Turn on the power to individual devices.
RED for amplifier
BLUE for Radio Microphone
Make sure speaker switch SP1 is pressed in Green . None of the others are relevant.

There is a master volume knob that controls the sound for all inputs simultaneously and individual knobs for control of the volume for specific inputs. Thus you can have music playing at a low volume and then either or both microphones set to a higher volume by adjusting channels 5 and 6. If the main volume knob is then adjusted, all three inputs will be affected.
Radio Microphone Channel 5: Kept in the drawer in the amplifier unit. Insert battery and close the cover. Power switch on top. Red light = low battery. The battery cover is stiff but must be closed properly so the yellow switch under the cover is pressed in by the cover's raised plunger.
Wired Microphone channel 6: In plastic box to the left of the amplifier. Doors to cupboard can be closed with the lead passed under the bottom left of the doors. You can turn off the mic with the switch on the mic.
The CD player doesn’t work!

If you have a phone or music player with a 3.5mm jack you can connect it to the amplifier by plugging in the 3.5mm plug at the end of a long grey lead.

Turn off all power switches when you’re finished.
Remove one battery from the radio Mic.



To lower the screen, take the key from the drawer and put it into the key switch located behind the curtain stage right as you look at it. There are two power switches there too, one to power the projector and one to power the screen motor, switch them both on. Turn the key in the appropriate direction to lower the screen. The key needs to be held as it's on a spring. Once lowered allow at least 10 minutes before winding the screen back up. This is to allow time for the motor to cool down and is important to be followed.

Laptops can connect to the ceiling mounted projector via the leads on the wall near the side fire exit.

Laptops with RGB-out on their device can plug straight into the cables. Laptops with HDMI only will need to use the adapter that's in a green bag in the drawer of the amplifier.

The box on the wall has a button to select where the signal is coming from, locally straight in to the box or from behind the curtain stage left as you look at the stage.


Power switches to projector and screen behind stage curtain
RGB input to projector if connecting from the stage area.
RGB input to projector. Make sure the correct input button is pressed in